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To extrude a 3D model means to take a 2D shape and give it depth or height, essentially creating a 3D object. The extrusion process involves taking a 2D shape and using it as a base to create a 3D object by pulling or pushing it in a direction perpendicular to its original plane. This results in a solid shape that can be rotated and viewed from any angle.

In 3D modeling software, extrusion is a common tool used to create a variety of objects. The process involves selecting a 2D shape, such as a polygon or circle, and then specifying the amount of depth or height you want to add to the shape. The software then creates a 3D object by extruding the 2D shape in the specified direction. This is particularly useful for creating objects with uniform thickness or for adding details to an existing object.

Extrusion can also be used to create more complex 3D models by combining multiple extruded shapes. By extruding shapes at different angles and directions, it's possible to create objects with a variety of curves, angles, and shapes. This process is commonly used in architectural modeling to create detailed building structures, as well as in industrial design to create products such as furniture and appliances.

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