Image Converters

File FormatFull NameTool
AVIFAV1 Image File FormatAVIF Converters
BMPBitmap Image FileBMP Converters
CURMicrosoft Cursor IconCUR Converters
DCMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)DCM Converters
DDSDirectDraw SurfaceDDS Converters
DPXDigital Picture ExchangeDPX Converters
EXROpenEXREXR Converters
FAXGroup 3 FAXFAX Converters
GIFGraphics Interchange FormatGIF Converters
HDRRadiance RGBEHDR Converters
HEICHigh Efficiency Image File FormatHEIC Converters
HEIFHigh Efficiency Image File FormatHEIF Converters
ICOIconICO Converters
JFIJoint Photographic Experts GroupJFI Converters
JFIFJoint Photographic Experts GroupJFIF Converters
JP2JPEG-2000JP2 Converters
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG Converters
JPGJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPG Converters
PBMPortable bitmapPBM Converters
PCXPicture ExchangePCX Converters
PFMPortable float mapPFM Converters
PGMPortable graymap formatPGM Converters
PICTQuickDraw/PICTPICT Converters
PNGPortable Network GraphicsPNG Converters
PNMPortable anymapPNM Converters
PPMPortable pixmap formatPPM Converters
PSBAdobe PhotoshopPSB Converters
PSDAdobe PhotoshopPSD Converters
RGBRaw red, green, and blueRGB Converters
RGBARaw red, green, blue, and alphaRGBA Converters
SGIIrix RGBSGI Converters
SUNSUN RasterfileSUN Converters
TGATruevision TGATGA Converters
TIFTag Image File FormatTIF Converters
TIFFTag Image File FormatTIFF Converters
UYVYInterleaved YUVUYVY Converters
WBMPWireless bitmapWBMP Converters
WEBPWebPWEBP Converters
WPGWord Perfect GraphicsWPG Converters
XBMX Windows system bitmapXBM Converters
XCFGIMP - eXperimental Computing FacilityXCF Converters
XPMX Windows system pixmapXPM Converters
XWDX Windows system window dumpXWD Converters
YUVCCIR 601YUV Converters

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