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3D Print a Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

With Valentine's Day a popular day to create heart-shaped things, we thought it would be a great time to put the Cookie Cutter Tool to use and 3D print a heart-shaped cookie cutter! The tool takes a simple black-and-white image and traces around the edges to create a 3D printable template for making delicious cookies!

Cookie Cutter Options

When creating your cookie cutter template, we have two options:

Outline Thickness Adjustment

This option can be used to control the thickness of the template wall. The default value of +0 will work for most templates, but if you need thicker walls, then this slider can be used to increase the wall thickness.

Cookie Cutter Size

The default size of Medium will create a heart roughly 120mm x 120mm in size; for this, we have reduced the size somewhat using the slider to make a template roughly 90mm x 90mm.

Cookie Tool
Cookie Preview

Existing Templates

The tool comes with some pre-defined templates, including the heart-shaped template and an obligatory gingerbread man template to get you started. Feel free to 3D print using these or upload your own!

Cookie Template 3D Printed
Heart Shaped Cookie

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