All Supported File Types

Here is a complete list of all the file formats supported by our conversion tools, sorted alphabetically by file extension. The list includes a link to a page that details the available conversion tools for each file type. If you have a file that is not listed here and would like us to develop support for it, please complete our online feedback form, letting us know the type of file you would like us to support.

File FormatFull NameTypeTool
123DXAutodesk 123DCAD123DX Converters
3DMRhinoceros 3D3D Model3DM Converters
3DS3D Studio Mesh3D Model3DS Converters
3MF3D Manufacturing Format3D Model3MF Converters
7Z7z ArchiveArchive7Z Converters
ABCAlembic3D ModelABC Converters
AIAdobe IllustratorVectorAI Converters
AMFAdditive Manufacturing File3D ModelAMF Converters
ASEAscii Scene Export3D ModelASE Converters
AVIFAV1 Image File FormatImageAVIF Converters
BLENDBlender3D ModelBLEND Converters
BMPBitmap Image FileImageBMP Converters
BVHBounding Volume Hierarchy3D ModelBVH Converters
CCXCorel DrawVectorCCX Converters
CDRCorel DrawVectorCDR Converters
CDTCorel DrawVectorCDT Converters
CMXCorel DrawVectorCMX Converters
CSVComma-separated ValuesDocumentCSV Converters
CTMOpenCTM3D ModelCTM Converters
CURMicrosoft Cursor IconImageCUR Converters
DAECOLLADA - Collaborative Design Activity3D ModelDAE Converters
Data Uri (TXT)Data URI SchemeDocumentData Uri (TXT) Converters
DCMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)ImageDCM Converters
DDSDirectDraw SurfaceImageDDS Converters
DOCXMicrosoft Word DocumentDocumentDOCX Converters
DPXDigital Picture ExchangeImageDPX Converters
DWGDrawingCADDWG Converters
DXFDrawing Exchange FormatCADDXF Converters
EMFWindows Enhanced MetafileVectorEMF Converters
EPSEncapsulated PostScriptVectorEPS Converters
EPUBePubeBookEPUB Converters
EXROpenEXRImageEXR Converters
F3DFusion 360CADF3D Converters
FAXGroup 3 FAXImageFAX Converters
FBXAutodesk Filmbox3D ModelFBX Converters
GIFGraphics Interchange FormatImageGIF Converters
GLBGraphics Language Transmission Format3D ModelGLB Converters
GLTFGraphics Language Transmission Format3D ModelGLTF Converters
HDRRadiance RGBEImageHDR Converters
HEICHigh Efficiency Image File FormatImageHEIC Converters
HEIFHigh Efficiency Image File FormatImageHEIF Converters
HTMLHyperText Markup LanguageDocumentHTML Converters
ICOIconImageICO Converters
IFCIndustry Foundation Classes3D ModelIFC Converters
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange SpecificationCADIGES Converters
IGSInitial Graphics Exchange SpecificationCADIGS Converters
JFIJoint Photographic Experts GroupImageJFI Converters
JFIFJoint Photographic Experts GroupImageJFIF Converters
JP2JPEG-2000ImageJP2 Converters
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts GroupImageJPEG Converters
JPGJoint Photographic Experts GroupImageJPG Converters
KMZKeyhole Markup Language3D ModelKMZ Converters
LDRAWLego Model3D ModelLDRAW Converters
LWOLightWave Object File3D ModelLWO Converters
MAXAutodesk 3ds Max3D ModelMAX Converters
MD2Quake II Model3D ModelMD2 Converters
OBJWavefront3D ModelOBJ Converters
OFFObject File Format3D ModelOFF Converters
PBMPortable bitmapImagePBM Converters
PCDPoint Cloud Library3D ModelPCD Converters
PCXPicture ExchangeImagePCX Converters
PDBProtein Data Bank3D ModelPDB Converters
PDFPortable Document FormatDocumentPDF Converters
PFMPortable float mapImagePFM Converters
PGMPortable graymap formatImagePGM Converters
PICTQuickDraw/PICTImagePICT Converters
PLYStanford Triangle Format3D ModelPLY Converters
PNGPortable Network GraphicsImagePNG Converters
PNMPortable anymapImagePNM Converters
PPMPortable pixmap formatImagePPM Converters
PSPostScriptVectorPS Converters
PSBAdobe PhotoshopImagePSB Converters
PSDAdobe PhotoshopImagePSD Converters
PTXPoint Cloud3D ModelPTX Converters
RARWinRARArchiveRAR Converters
RGBRaw red, green, and blueImageRGB Converters
RGBARaw red, green, blue, and alphaImageRGBA Converters
SGIIrix RGBImageSGI Converters
SKPSketchUp3D ModelSKP Converters
SLDPRTSolidWorksCADSLDPRT Converters
STEPSTEP-File3D ModelSTEP Converters
STLStandard Triangle Language3D ModelSTL Converters
STPSTEP-File3D ModelSTP Converters
SUNSUN RasterfileImageSUN Converters
SVGScalable Vector GraphicsVectorSVG Converters
TARTARArchiveTAR Converters
TGATruevision TGAImageTGA Converters
TIFTag Image File FormatImageTIF Converters
TIFFTag Image File FormatImageTIFF Converters
TILTTilt Brush3D ModelTILT Converters
TXTPlain Text FileDocumentTXT Converters
U3DUniversal 3D3D ModelU3D Converters
USDUniversal Scene Description3D ModelUSD Converters
UYVYInterleaved YUVImageUYVY Converters
VDXMicrosoft VisioVectorVDX Converters
VOXMagicaVoxel Scene3D ModelVOX Converters
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling Language3D ModelVRML Converters
VSDMicrosoft VisioVectorVSD Converters
VSDMMicrosoft VisioVectorVSDM Converters
VSDXMicrosoft VisioVectorVSDX Converters
VTKVisualization Toolkit3D ModelVTK Converters
VTPVisualization Toolkit3D ModelVTP Converters
WBMPWireless bitmapImageWBMP Converters
WEBPWebPImageWEBP Converters
WMFWindows MetafileVectorWMF Converters
WPGWord Perfect GraphicsImageWPG Converters
WRLVirtual Reality Modeling Language3D ModelWRL Converters
XDirect X File3D ModelX Converters
X-PlaneOBJ8 X-Plane3D ModelX-Plane Converters
X3DExtensible 3D Graphics3D ModelX3D Converters
XAMLExtensible Application Markup LanguageVectorXAML Converters
XBMX Windows system bitmapImageXBM Converters
XCFGIMP - eXperimental Computing FacilityImageXCF Converters
XLSXMicrosoft Excel SpreadsheetDocumentXLSX Converters
XPMX Windows system pixmapImageXPM Converters
XWDX Windows system window dumpImageXWD Converters
XYZPoint Cloud3D ModelXYZ Converters
YUVCCIR 601ImageYUV Converters
ZIPZIP ArchiveArchiveZIP Converters

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