3D Model Converters

File FormatFull NameTool
3DMRhinoceros 3D3DM Converters
3DS3D Studio Mesh3DS Converters
3MF3D Manufacturing Format3MF Converters
ABCAlembicABC Converters
AMFAdditive Manufacturing FileAMF Converters
ASEAscii Scene ExportASE Converters
BLENDBlenderBLEND Converters
BVHBounding Volume HierarchyBVH Converters
CTMOpenCTMCTM Converters
DAECOLLADA - Collaborative Design ActivityDAE Converters
FBXAutodesk FilmboxFBX Converters
GCODEG-codeGCODE Converters
GLBGraphics Language Transmission FormatGLB Converters
GLTFGraphics Language Transmission FormatGLTF Converters
IFCIndustry Foundation ClassesIFC Converters
ITSPImageToSTL ProjectITSP Converters
KMZKeyhole Markup LanguageKMZ Converters
LDRAWLego ModelLDRAW Converters
LWOLightWave Object FileLWO Converters
MAXAutodesk 3ds MaxMAX Converters
MD2Quake II ModelMD2 Converters
OBJWavefrontOBJ Converters
OFFObject File FormatOFF Converters
PCDPoint Cloud LibraryPCD Converters
PDBProtein Data BankPDB Converters
PLYStanford Triangle FormatPLY Converters
PTXPoint CloudPTX Converters
SKPSketchUpSKP Converters
STEPSTEP-FileSTEP Converters
STLStandard Triangle LanguageSTL Converters
STPSTEP-FileSTP Converters
STPZCompressed STEP-FileSTPZ Converters
TILTTilt BrushTILT Converters
U3DUniversal 3DU3D Converters
USDUniversal Scene DescriptionUSD Converters
VOXMagicaVoxel SceneVOX Converters
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling LanguageVRML Converters
VTKVisualization ToolkitVTK Converters
VTPVisualization ToolkitVTP Converters
WRLVirtual Reality Modeling LanguageWRL Converters
XDirect X FileX Converters
X-PlaneOBJ8 X-PlaneX-Plane Converters
X3DExtensible 3D GraphicsX3D Converters
XYZPoint CloudXYZ Converters

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