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3D Voxelizer Tool Added for Most 3D Formats

Date: May 21, 2023

We have recently added a new tool that will allow you to create 3D Voxel models from any of our supported 3D model formats, such as STL, OBJ, Blender and more.

What is a Voxel?

A voxel, short for "volumetric pixel," is a three-dimensional unit of data that represents a point in a 3D space. It is often used in computer graphics to represent objects or environments in a digital format. Similar to how a pixel represents a single point on a 2D image, a voxel represents a single point within a 3D grid.

A Space Trooper
A Space Trooper Voxelized

Each voxel contains information about its position in space as well as additional attributes, such as color, transparency, or material properties, depending on the context. By arranging and manipulating voxels, complex 3D objects and scenes can be constructed. Voxel-based representations have advantages in certain applications, such as efficient storage and processing of 3D data, as well as the ability to easily modify and interact with objects at a granular level.

Ready To Voxelize Your 3D Model?

The Voxelizer tool can be found here and contains various options for controlling how you would like your final 3D Voxel model to look. As an example, here we have a simple teapot object:

The Voxel Generator Tool

Voxel Size

With this option, you can control the size of the individual voxels generated in the final 3D model. This setting can greatly affect file size if your model is large and complex. It is recommended to start with the Medium setting to preview how your model will look and adjust it afterwards to get the size just right for your particular model.

Voxel Template

The template drop-down selector allows you to change the appearance of the individual voxel in the final 3D model. The default setting is Cube; however, there are other options such as Diamond and Sphere that will allow you to create some cool voxelized models.

A Teapot
Teapot Voxelized

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