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GLB (Graphics Language Transmission Format)

Full NameGraphics Language Transmission Format
Type3D Model
Mime Typemodel/gltf-binary
ToolsGLB Converters, 3D Model Voxelizer, Create GLB Animation, GLB Asset Extractor, Text to GLB, GLB Viewer
Open WithBlender, MeshLab

The GLB file format, which can also have the GLTF file extension depending on whether the content is binary or text/JSON, is a 3D file format used to describe 3D worlds and, as such, contains geometric data such as vertices, faces, normals, animations, and other 3D scene-related data.

The format, described by its creators as the "JPEG of 3D", has gained in popularity and is supported by a wide range of 3D modeling applications such as Blender and MeshLab. The GLB format is an open standard that is maintained by the Khronos Group.

Sample GLB Files

Here we have some example GLB files for you to download and use in your own projects.



The classic cube example is stored as a GLB file. Within the GLB file, this cube is stored as a sequence of 12 triangles.

cube.glb (1.41kb)



A straight-forward Sphere stored within a GLB file. The Sphere originated as a STEP file that was converted to the GLB format by our STEP to GLB tool.

sphere.glb (610.44kb)

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