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A heightmap is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional terrain, where each pixel on the map corresponds to a specific height value. In other words, it's a grayscale image where lighter colors represent higher elevations and darker colors represent lower elevations. Heightmaps are commonly used in video games, simulation software, and virtual reality environments to create realistic terrain.

Heightmaps are typically generated using software or created manually by artists. Software like our Image to STL tool and also other software such as World Machine, Unity Terrain, and Unreal Engine offer built-in tools for generating heightmaps based on a variety of parameters, such as noise, erosion, and fractals. Artists can also create heightmaps manually by painting or sculpting the terrain using software such as Photoshop or ZBrush.

Once a heightmap is generated or created, it can be used to create a 3D terrain mesh. This is done by taking the height values from the heightmap and using them to determine the height of vertices in a 3D mesh. The mesh can then be textured and lit to create a realistic environment. In game engines such as Unity and Unreal, heightmaps are often used to create large, open-world environments with dynamic lighting and weather effects.

One of the advantages of using heightmaps is that they allow for a high level of detail in terrain without requiring a large number of polygons. This makes them ideal for real-time applications such as video games, where performance is critical. Additionally, heightmaps can be easily modified or regenerated to create new terrain variations or to optimize performance.

Heightmaps can also be used in combination with other techniques such as displacement mapping and tessellation to create even more detailed terrain. Displacement mapping involves using a texture to displace the vertices of a mesh, creating a more detailed surface. Tessellation is a technique that subdivides a mesh into smaller triangles to create more detail where it's needed, such as on steep slopes or cliffs.


Heightmaps are an essential tool for creating realistic 3D environments in a wide range of applications, from video games to simulation software to virtual reality experiences. They allow artists and developers to create detailed terrain quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing performance or quality.

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