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New 3D Formats Added Including ASE, LDRAW, VOX and More

Date: April 12, 2024

We have recently added support for some new 3D model file formats. These new formats, like existing 3D model formats, can be converted to other 3D model and image file formats. They can also be used with our Voxel and file viewing tools. Our developers are continuing to work on additional support for these new formats, so expect improvements to these conversion tools in the coming weeks.

New File Formats

The following file formats are now supported and can be used with our file conversion tools. With the exception of the ASE format, all these formats are read-only, meaning our tools can convert from these formats but not convert other files to these formats:

  • LDRAW - Lego Model
  • MD2 - Quake II Model
  • VOX - MagicaVoxel Scene
  • TILT - Tilt Brush
  • ASE - Ascii Scene Export

Supported Features

Our tools will extract mesh geometry from these new file formats, as well as color and material information where available. Once the 3D data has been retrieved, our tools can save it in many alternate formats. If you plan to 3D print files contained within one of these formats, we have both STL and 3MF converters to help get your models ready for 3D printing.

Lego Rover 3D model
Lego Plane 3D Model
Voxel Castle

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AdrianApr 28, 2024 07:05

Cool, this is just what i was looking for

teacherMay 10, 2024 18:16

Hi! I work with middle schoolers and use your png to stl tool but it's no longer working properly. the detail option is missing! please bring it back. I'd also love to have contact info to work with you guys and share the stuff I've been doing with this tool. is there a way to contact you?

Community HelpMay 30, 2024 06:36

Thanks for your feedback. We have checked and the Detail option should now be visible, apologies if this was missing for you. We would love to receive your feedback which can be submitted via our feedback form that is present after using any of our conversion tools, or you can click here to submit feedback now.

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