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3D Model Compression and Asset Extraction Tools

Date: January 31, 2024

New 3D Model Compression and Asset Extraction Tools

We have been busy adding two brand new tools for processing your 3D models. You can now apply compression to your 3D model files in order to reduce the file size and also extract texture and mesh assets from your 3D models.

3D Model Compression Tool

Our new compression tool is great for compacting your model files, enabling you to reduce the overall file size and remove duplicate vertices from the mesh geometry. Certain 3D modeling applications may allow duplicated vertices when saving within these applications. Now, with our compression tool, you can optimize your 3D model file by removing this duplicated data.

This tool is also useful for 3D file formats that support both ASCII and binary content, such as STL and PLY. With both of these formats, our tool will not only optimize the mesh geometry by removing duplicate data but will also save the resulting file using the binary option.

Texture and Mesh Asset Extraction Tool

Our second new tool allows you to extract assets from 3D models. With formats such as FBX, the file usually contains not only the mesh items but also surface texture files. Our tool allows these texture files to be saved separately in the original texture image format.

Dragon OBJ model
Fish FBX model
Penguin model

It will also allow the model to be broken up into individual 3D meshes to be saved as individual files, allowing you to reuse these 3D components within your next 3D modeling project.

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