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GLB File Conversion Now Supported

Date: November 02, 2021

We are pleased to announce support for GLB file conversion! You can now convert your GLB files using our 3D file conversion tool. Supported output formats include STL, 3MF, and more. We currently support most GLB files with version 2.0 and above. Versions prior to this are not supported and will not work.

A GLB Model
2nd GLB model file

Enhanced Support for FBX

Along with the changes to support GLB files, we have made some changes to the FBX convertor to better support the different FBX files out there, meaning more successful conversions with fewer errors!

Support for Material Information

When converting from GLB files, we support the reading of basic color materials from the source GLB files. Texture information is not supported at this time. Please note that only target file formats that support materials (e.g., X3D and 3MF) will benefit from this.

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