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USD File Conversion and Texture Support Added

Updated on November 15, 2023, originally published: October 26, 2023

USD File Support

We have added conversion support for the USD file format. With this new tool support, you can now convert from USD and convert to USD, for example, converting from OBJ to USD. You can also view USD 3D files online with no need to install any specialized software.

As with all our conversion tools, our USD tools will improve over time, so if you have a particular file that does not convert correctly, please bookmark and check back for tool updates.

3D Model Texture Support

Support for textures has been added for several formats, with more formats being added in the coming months. Currently, we support the following 3D model formats:

When exporting textures, our tools will attempt to locate all textures, export all the necessary UV values, and map these across to the target format with no loss of accuracy in the mapping. All textures will be exported, including specular and bump texture maps.

OBJ Texture Support

If your OBJ file contains an additional MTL and texture/image files, please include these within a compressed ZIP file prior to uploading for conversion. This is a requirement for OBJ files only; other formats, such as 3MF and BLEND have their image and other material assets embedded within the main file.

A textured chair 3D model
Boombox 3D model
3D Earth model

Improved Batch Conversions

Improvements have also been made to the Image Converters; these now feature a batch upload option. To use it, simply drag and drop your image files for conversion and hit the Convert button. There is a separate Options tab containing the usual image manipulation options, such as rotation, flip, mirror, grayscale, etc., which can be applied to all converted image files.

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