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SKP File Conversion Support Added

Date: November 05, 2022

We have recently added limited support for SKP (SketchUp) 3D model files to allow the parsing of SKP file to extract 3D mesh geometry for conversion to other suitable 3D formats such as STL and OBJ. If you have a file created in SketchUp and would like to convert it to another format please try out SKP to STL tool. The tool supports more than just STL and you will be able to select your preferred target format from the drop-down menu.

Saving to the SKP File Format

Our tool supports most file format conversions to SKP such as OBJ to SKP, other formats can be selected using the drop-down menu. The process will be quick for smaller files however please allow extra time for larger files to be converted.

Flower Pot Model
Large Gear Model
Gear Box Model

Future Support for SKP

Whilst our SKP converter can currently convert most SKP files with Mesh geometry there are some files that cannot currently be converted, however our developers are working to continuously improve all our conversion tools so if you have a file that will not convert please understand we are working to improve the converter to support as many files as possible.

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