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Enhanced FBX & GLB Animated GIF/MP4 Conversions

Date: February 15, 2022

Today we have added improved animation support to our FBX and GLB to Animated GIF tool to allow individual animations to be exported to GIF or MP4.

After selecting a FBX or GLB file, you can now select from any of the available animations. If your model does not have any stored animations, you can select our default Simple animation, which allows you to specify fixed rotational animations.

Here we have used one of the awesome free animated FBX models from mixamo.com to create an animated GIF from one of the built-in animations:

Hip hop dancing animation

Additional Image Formats

We have also added support for additional image formats too:

  • PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
  • DDS (DirectDraw Surface)
  • DPX (Digital Picture Exchange)
  • EXR (OpenEXR)
  • FAX (Group 3 FAX)

These new image formats are available to convert to 3D models, other image formats, or to SVG vector format.

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