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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this tool do?

Our tool converts a simple black and white image into a 3D printable Cookie Cutter .STL file.

Is it free to use?

Yes. Our Cookie Cutter tool is 100% free to use with no need to register or sign-up before using.

What files does it support?

The tool can convert the most common image file formats such as .PNG and .JPG. The output is provided in .STL format which can be used in most 3D graphics applications.

What size should my image be?

For best results your image should be about 500px x 500px in size. The thickness of the outline in your image does not matter however you can use the "Outline Thickness Adjustment" option to increase the resulting model wall thickness if desired.

How to draw the image?

The image should be a simple outline of your Cookie Cutter shape drawn in black on a white background. For some examples please see our examples page.

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