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VTK and VTP File Conversion Support Added

Date: January 14, 2023

We have added support for VTK and VTP (Visualization Toolkit) 3D model files. We have tools to convert to and from these new formats, tools such as the VTK to STL and VTP to OBJ. You can also view your VTK and VTP files directly within your browser.

Supported Features

Our tool currently supports the conversion of vertex, polygon, and triangle strip data from your VTK and VTP files. We are always improving our tools and will be adding support for additional features in future updates.

Saving to the VTK File Format

Our tool can convert most 3D model files to the VTK format. The tool will save the polygon and vertex data in uncompressed binary format.

Gear Box Model
Gear Box Model
Gear Box Model

VTK and VTP Future Development

Currently, saving to VTK will save the binary data in an uncompressed format, which we believe to be sufficient. However, we may develop this further to support saving to a compressed format.

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