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Create a 3D Model From Text

Date: August 05, 2022

We have recently added a brand new tool to enable text to be converted to a 3D model and saved. The new Text to STL tool does just this!

The tool has all the usual options to control the font to render the 3D model in. The initial list of available fonts will increase over time with new fonts being added on a weekly basis. Along with the font you can also specify options such as size, bold, italic settings and alignment.

With our new Text to 3D tool you can easily create 3D models from any text. The tool will default to saving your model in the STL format, however there is the option within the tool to change this to OBJ, BLEND and many other formats.

3D Text Options

Here are 2 examples of text rendered to a 3D model. The 2 models contain the same text however use a different font:

Some 3D text
Some more 3D text

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