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Support Added for Blender BLEND, ABC, AVIF Files and More

Date: April 02, 2022

Today we have added support for additional 3D file formats BLEND (Blender) and Alembic ABC. These two additional formats can be converted to and from one of our many other formats. BLEND files can be large so please be patient when converting these files, our tool will perform the conversion as fast as possible.

Along with the two new 3D formats we have also added support for AVIF image files. This file format can be used in the same way as any other image format within our tools. You can also convert AVIF files to and from any other supported image format.

Enhanced FBX and GLB Support

We have also enabled FBX and GLB as target formats for 2D/3D file conversions. Previously our tools could only read from these formats, however now these formats can be converted to.

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3D Model in Blender
3D Model in Blender

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