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TIFF, HEIC Image and PTX Model Formats Added

Date: January 14, 2022

To start off 2022 we have added support for additional image file formats and also one new 3D model format (PTX) which is a Point Cloud format which can be converted into other formats that support vertex only models such as PLY and XYZ.

The additional image formats now supported include HEIC and TIFF which enables you to convert directly from one of these new formats to any supported 3D model format such as STL and 3MF. These new image formats can also be converted into other image formats such as JPEG or PNG if that is all you need to do!

New Model Conversion Options

We have also added the option for Point Cloud formats to generate mesh face/polygon data which will allow you to generate solid 3D models for export using a format like STL. This option is visible once you have selected your Point Cloud format.

Conversion Options

STL Export Options

In addition to the new Point Cloud options we have also added STL export options to allow you to specify if the file created should be in the binary (default) or text format. There are also additional options to encode color information in the exported file (binary only) however these can only be opened in software which supports STL files with color information like the VisCAM and SolidView formats.

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